Harvest Food Box

Dr. Russ L'HommeDieu and his wife Karen are taking the headache and hassle out of prepping healthy meals at home.

The couple started Harvest Food Box, an online company that delivers vegan meals to customers on the North Fork of Long Island. Russ who has a doctorate in physical therapy, came up with the idea after his clients expressed interest in losing weight and eating healthy but didn't have time to prepare meals.

"We use a lot of Indian, Asian, Mexican food. Anything that can go into a pot. People are loving it," said the physical therapist.

Russ and Karen just launched the business this month and they're already looking to move into a space with more storage. They also plan to expand their delivery area.

Each recipe is color-coded. You just match the ingredients with the color. The service provides three boxes of food each week for $69.99. It's 100-percent plant based but you can add meat and dairy separately. The recipes are geared towards a slow cooker and there's always enough for leftovers.

"We may send you potato leek soup and then the next day add kale and white beans. For another meal add squash in a pan and put it in the oven. Maybe the next day, loosen it up with almond milk and use it as a pasta sauce," said Dr. L'HommeDieu.

The couple always says a blessing before each meal is prepared. They hope if they do the chopping to make eating easier, it will change the choices people make.