Harlem's Alibi Lounge gets new LGBTQ pride flags

Harlem neighbors and the LGBTQ community, hand in hand, pulling together outside Alibi Lounge after another of their pride flags was burned earlier this week.

The first time the flags were burned was on May 31. Then on Tuesday, it happened again outside Alibi.

The next day, police arrested Tyresse Singleton, 20, for both crimes. Police say he admitted it was him and that he did so to anger the gay community, which did the opposite.

Parts of the burned flag are still scattered in front of Alibi. But a new pair of pride flags are up in addition to a more inclusive one.

Alexi Minko, the owner of Alibi, said the new flag is more inclusive because it has the colors that symbolize the trans community.

Singleton was been released under supervision. He is due back in court later this month.

So the meantime, this community says they will celebrate who they are without fear.