Hamas terror brings overwhelming challenges to Long Island doctor's hospital

Dr. Ethan Brandler is busier than ever. 

Victims with physical and emotional injuries from Hamas terror attacks are flooding his hospital desperate for help.

"I don’t know how long the operation is going to take, but my suspicion is as long as there are boots on the ground it will continue," said Brandler.

Brandler, an emergency room doctor and professor at the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University splits his time between Long Island and Israel. With a strain on the hospital system and a dire need for doctors - he postponed all plans to return home.


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The escalating tensions have created what the NYPD is calling a "heightened threat environment."

"The hospital that I work in, more than 50 physicians have been called to army reserve duty, and we still have roughly the same volume coming in, and we’re dealing with additional casualties from the war," he said.

As a result, the doctors who are able to work have been taking on longer shifts under incredibly challenging conditions -

"We have to intermittently evacuate the emergency department to the bomb shelter area," Brandler said.