Halloween parade goes on under tight security

Not four hours after a man killed eight people with a rented truck in Tribeca, thousands of zombies, unicorns, and Chucky dolls lined 6th Avenue and growled and cheered and danced to Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

And a floating head carried by its or someone's headless body felt it important to parade again this Halloween even or especially following Tuesday afternoon's attack.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo promised a noticeable increased police presence around the city.

Officers stood along and patrolled and guarded the parade route while various ghouls, ghosts, and giant baseballs frolicked about around them.

These Village people said they never considered skipping the parade due to any fear it might represent an attractive next target for a terrorist or that Tuesday afternoon's vehicular act of terror might repeat Tuesday night.

"Be New Yorkers," Cuomo said. "Live your life and don't let them change or deter us in any matter, shape or form."

Both the mayor and the governor walked in the parade as planned.