Gun control protesters take to Times Square after mass shootings

Marchers outraged by the latest mass shootings took to 42nd Street and brought their message to Times Square to announce that “enough is enough” when it comes to gun violence.

“We have a powerful movement around this whole country that represents what a majority of Americans now believe,” said Dianne Rinaldo, a member of the New York City leadership team for Moms Demand Action. “That the NRA must be put aside, and we must vote for laws that will keep our communities safe and respect the second amendment.”

“This is a real conversation, and we must be engaged,” said Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President and one of the elected officials to speak at the march. “And when you look at these signs behind us, black, white, young, old, when the bullet leaves the barrel of a gun it does not discriminate.”

Mayor De Blasio tweeted “How many more people have to die? We need to FIX THIS. It’s within our power to ACT.”

Marchers and elected leaders say they will keep the pressure on until gun laws are changed. The victims of this weekend’s mass shootings will be remembered at a candlelight vigil Monday night at 7 p.m. at Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Park.