Growing Marijuana Is A Ga. Man's Spring Plan

In what he's calling a "civic protest against absurd state policies", Mike Buffington of Jackson County, is going against the grain and growing marijuana, right here in Georgia. His plan is to get that plant growing on his porch this spring.

Buffington is a co-publisher of Mainstreet Newspapers, Inc. and has written his own story about bucking the law. He says what's currently in place prevents children from getting the help they need. So he's taking this bold move for his son and others who suffer from seizure disorders.

His son has endured epileptic seizures, some potentially deadly, for the past 15 years. None of which can be controlled with regular medications; and yes, he has tried every single one available. He's been through two brain surgeries--one left him unable to speak or write. Thankfully, months of rehab reversed that.

The medicinal chemical in marijuana is CBD--not to be confused with the THC that gives users a high. In 2015, the state legislature passed a bill allowing Georgians to posses 20 ounces of medical marijuana. And though they can have it, there isn't a way to actually grow, process, and extract the CBD anywhere in our state. That means those who suffer and need CBD would have to take a trip to another state to get it.

Buffington isn't sure if his marijuana plant will help his son; but says there's a slight chance the chemical can help ease the pain and suffering. He says " will keep alive my hope that someday Georgia's leaders will take off their blinders and allow medical research on a simple green plant that might help him, and others, in the future."

Read his full article here.