Growing a better strawberry in NJ

Something sweet and new now grows in New Jersey. Imagine if there was a way to create the perfect food. Scientists at Rutgers have created what they say is the ultimate strawberry. If you bite into one, you'll notice that it's not just red on the outside but it is red all the way through.

On the outside, it may look like an ordinary strawberry. But in fact it is the work of agricultural scientists at Rutgers University trying to create the perfect strawberry. It is called the Rutgers Scarlet.

10 years in the making, the strawberry plant bore fruit for the first time this year. Facing stiff competition from places with warmer climates like California, Florida, and Mexico, New Jersey farmers gave Rutgers scientists a challenge.

The team at the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station in New Brunswick set off to create the perfect tasting strawberry. But first, years of trial and error complicated further by the fact the strawberry is no ordinary fruit.

East Brunswick farmer Jim Giamarese was pleased with the results. Farming on the East Coast is more challenging then the West Coast because of the weather. He hopes this new berry will attract people in New Jersey to consider shopping at a local farm.

If you want to taste Scarlet strawberries, they are on sale at select local farms this summer and more widely available next year.