Groups and officials meet about preventing gun violence

Organizations from all over the city came together at the municipal building in Manhattan for gun violence awareness month. They talked about what's been accomplished and what needs to be done.

Community leader Shanduke McPhatter, a former gang member-turned activist, is on the front lines preventing the beefs that can escalate into gunfire. His GMACC organization is one of the first violence interrupter programs funded by Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration.

"It takes elected officials we voted into office to understand the finances we need to continue to push our community in a safer direction," McPhatter said.

Public Advocate Jumaane Williams said, "Nobody wants to deal with the gun violence more than the people who live in the communities where the gun violence is going on."

Gun violence survivors and those who lost loved ones gave compelling accounts.

Overall shootings in the city are at historic lows, but the NYPD says some pockets of violence remain. Part of the official strategy is community involvement. Harlem's Street Corner Resources and Bronx Connect received funding for crisis outreach vans.

At the end of the day, the organizations say they have plenty of people to get the work done on the ground, but what they need are resources to create more opportunities.