Group vows to stand up for transgender youth in New York

The New York LGBT Network is speaking out against President Donald Trump's decision to end federal protection for transgender students who under the Obama administration were allowed to use bathrooms of their chosen gender. Now it will be up to states and schools to decide. CEO David Kilmnick said they are standing up for children. He said that refusing to protect youth is "deplorable and dangerous."

Madeline Bruni said she has every right to use the ladies' room. The 18-year-old began her transition in middle school. She said she shouldn't be forced to use the men's room where it isn't safe.

In a statement, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman objects to Trump's decision. He said, "My office will use all the existing tools of federal, state, and local law to ensure that transgender kids are safe in their schools and are provided equal access to all programming and facilities consistent with their gender identity."

But not everyone agrees. Patricia Febbraro said trump is right because "you can't change your sex."

Zach knew he was different when he was just 2. His mom Lauren Bocketti fully supports him. She said transgender people deserve the same rights as any other people. She said she is surprised that in 2017 we're still dealing with discrimination.

The LGBT Network has set up a new 24/7 hotline for any reports harassment or discrimination. The group also plans to organize a campaign to make sure fair guidelines are set.