Great white shark tracked deep in Long Island Sound

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Researchers tag a great white shark off Nova Scotia in 2018. They dubbed the shark Cabot. (Courtesy of OCEARCH)

An organization that electronically tracks ocean life has detected a nearly 10-foot long great white shark in the Long Island Sound.

OCEARCH says it got a ping from the shark they dubbed Cabot off the coast of Greenwich, Connecticut on Monday morning.

Chris Fischer, OCEARCH's founding chairman and expedition leader, says the 500-pound plus shark was tagged last year off Nova Scotia and has traveled as far south as Florida.

Fischer says great whites in the sound is not unheard of, but "We were quite surprised to see this one so far to the west." He says the shark is probably after bait fish.

Great whites have a predictable migratory pattern and can move 100 to 150 miles per day, and he expects Cabot to exit the sound and continue north.