Governor Cuomo announces legal advice hotline

Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced initiatives on protecting the rights of immigrants and refugees.

Cuomo announced a legal advice hotline for families and friends of possible detainees due to Trump’s executive order.

“We will serve as counsel for any detainee who needs legal assistance,” he said.

The press conference comes a day after protestors gathered around JFK Airport and other airports around the nation to voice their outrage on President Trump’s immigration ban.

The ACLU took legal action yesterday after 12 people were detained at JFK, calling Trump’s orders un-American, and wrong.

On Saturday night, U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly granted an emergency stay for the citizens in transit from the seven countries named in President Trump’s executive order.

Under the federal judge’s ruling, citizens of the seven countries with a Muslim majority who have arrived in the U.S. or are in transit and hold valid visas can legally enter the U.S.