Gloria Estefan visits students growing produce at hydroponic farm

Grammy-Award winning singer, Broadway producer, and philanthropist Gloria Estefan learned about growing fruits and vegetables from students who do it at the Dewitt Clinton High School in the Bronx.

"I think it's an amazing opportunity for them to learn about the food that's nutritious and learn how to grow it," Estefan said. "They're doing an amazing job—I'm blown away."

Students grow lettuce and other vegetables in the largest student-built hydroponic farm in New York City. The group Teens for Food Justice runs the program.

Each year, students grow more than 20,000 pounds of produce at six different farms in schools around the city. The students provide fresh produce to their school's cafeteria. The remainder of the food is sold at affordable prices at farmer's markets in the neighborhood. Profits go back into the program.

The model Karolina Kurkova also observed the student's work.

"These kids get to be part of seeing it grow from scratch," Kurkova said.

The students who take part often live in some of the city's most food-insecure communities.

"In the public school system, sometimes that meal is kids' only nutritious meal of the day," Estefan said.

She and her husband Emilio are so impressed by the program that they plan to help Teens for Food Justice launch its program in Miami.

She did have one suggestion for these student farmers: add a little music.

"Come on, shake your body, let's grow much stronger, know you can't control yourself any longer," she said, adapting lyrics from her famous song.