Ghetto Film School nurtures young filmmakers in Bronx

The next generation of Hollywood filmmakers just may come from the Bronx. Some local students are already making movies, thanks to a special course designed to nurture their talents.

When the credits roll at the New York screening of "Genesis," Kyra Peters, 18, will see "Director" next to her name. Kyra is part of what is known as the Ghetto Film School, an award-winning independent film organization in the South Bronx.

Part of what makes the program special is the diversity and life experience. Each cohort group shoots a project in another country. They spend 5 days on location, choosing local actors and working with pros. Some cities filmed in include Johannesburg, Shanghai, and London. Along the way, they learn roles like the director of photography, camera operator, gaffer, production designer, and more.

Romeo Ortiz, a freshman at Medgar Evers, says the program goes beyond film. He learned about being a professional and grew a lot.

If Hollywood needs fresh perspectives, this is fertile ground.