Getting the most from running through run clubs

On any given Tuesday night on the east river park track in downtown Manhattan, you'll find runners of all kinds doing their thing.

From global running groups like Nike Plus Run Club, there are casual groups of friends getting their miles and meters in.

"Our group--Nike Plus Run Club--takes its athletes seriously," says Julia Lucas, the club's East Coast head coach. "These athletes are looking for personal records, to be the best athlete they can be, and we are here on Tuesday night at the track every single week."

Lucas adds that at the track they focus on speed, which is mostly anaerobic, and bringing out runners' most beautiful, elegant form.

Local running collectives, like Black Roses NYC, are all part of the growing population of runners around the world.

"We're in a running boom right now, but we're also a personal excellence moment and it's exciting to see that unprecedented numbers in half marathon and marathon registration," says Knox Robinson, the co-founder of Black Roses NYC. "All of these running groups kind of cropping up at what might be described as an abject surface track here on a Tuesday night in the middle of September. That's exciting."