George Santos ducks constituents who showed up on Capitol Hill to demand he resign

Some staffers were met with surprise on Tuesday after a crowd of constituents made the trip from Long Island to DC. They hand-delivered a petition to Congressman George Santos’ aide.

Casey Sabella, a constituent and member of Concerned Citizens for NY-03, was front and center for the interaction is turning the feeling of defeat into determination.

"I had to hold onto the petition because I knew when he took it from my hands he was going to shut the door," she said. "We’re disappointed in George Santos. We’re disappointed in the lack of response but have the energy to continue this fight."

Jody Kass Finkel who was right by Sabella’s side says she has been trying to set up a meeting with the Congressman but hasn’t had luck.

"There’s a sign next to his door that says ‘please come in’ but that’s not accurate," she said.

Kass Finkel and dozens of others fighting for what they call fair representation and believe they deserve an explanation.

"Every time he says something that’s outrageous it’s an embarrassment for us," she said. "He’s getting $174,000 to do nothing."

In a contentious interaction, fellow Republican Mitt Romney scolded Santos and told him he should be "embarrassed."

Santos who hasn’t responded to our request for comment took to Twitter saying Romney will never be president.

"Given the fact that he’s under an ethics investigation, he should be in the back row and quiet instead of parading in front of the President," Romney said.

Political analyst Lawrence Levy with Hofstra University says Santos’ presence and persona show he’s not taking anyone’s advice.

"I fully expected him to be out there embracing his notoriety," he said. "I think he’s going to try to make the most of his time, make the most money he can and set himself for what right now is an uncertain and perhaps problematic future."

Constituents also dropped off petitions at the House Ethics Committee Chair’s office as well as Speaker McCarthy and Rep. Stefanik’s offices. Those calling for Santos to be expelled say both Representatives knew about his fraud five months before he was on the ballot and they should be responsible for getting him out.