George Santos accused of sexual harassment

A former prospective staffer has accused embattled Rep. George Santos of sexual harassment. 

Derek Myers said in a series of tweets that he had filed a police report and House ethics complaint alleging that, on January 25, Santos had touched his groin before the congressman invited him to his home and said that his husband was out of town.

Myers said that he declined the advance and left Santos' office. 

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Myers alleges that just a few days later, Santos began questioning him about his work as a reporter and, on February 1, he was informed that his job offer was being rescinded. 

The story is just one more headache for the congressman, who has been accused of fabricating large swathes of his resume and may be facing a possible investigation by the FBI.

Last week, Santos announced that he would be temporarily stepping down from his two congressional committees until all of his issues are resolved.

Santos has very little support in the district he represents. According to a Newsday/Siena poll, 78% of constituents want him to resign and 75% said he could not be an effective representative.