Funeral for fire chief who died on 9/11

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(Fox 5 News/Keith Lane)

Fifteen years after FDNY Battalion Chief Larry Stack died on 9/11, family and fellow firefighters finally had a funeral for him.

Stacks' remains were never found at Ground Zero. But recently a blood bank returned two vials of his blood to his family. Stack donated blood for a child with cancer just weeks before 9/11.

His two sons, both in the FDNY, rode with the casket before the Roman Catholic service in Suffolk County, Long Island, on Friday.

On September 11, 2001, Chief Stack was working in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. He saw the plane hit the second tower and headed toward the danger. Stack rescued two fellow firefighters and ordered them to run to safety. He stayed behind in the north tower to help someone else.

Family and fellow firefighters say selfless heroism was typical behavior for chief stack.

Because Stack served in the Navy during the Vietnam War, his remains were buried in Calverton National Cemetery in Suffolk County. It was one more honor for a man who put others' lives before his own.