From webcam video to movie, 'Smosh' stars go Hollywood

Friends Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla were bored one day so they decided to goof around with Anthony's father's webcam.

That moment when they were only 17 years old has lead to a lucrative career, several awards, wax figures at Madame Tussauds and a major motion picture.

The 'YouTube Stars of the Year' winners who started on MySpace, have taken 'Smosh' the web comedy and turned it into 'Smosh: The Movie.'

"Never would we have imagined it," said Padilla. 

"We never had any drive to become comedians or filmmakers," said Hecox.

But their 4-6 minute long sketches have followers online wanting more from the duo who met in the sixth grade.

The film will be a bit of a departure from what they normally do but fans can be sure it will be funny.

“It’s a full on story," said Padilla.

"The movie is an extension of what we do," said Hecox.

'Smosh The Movie' premieres July 24.