Freight train derails; Amtrak service restored

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A freight train derailed in Hunts Point, Bronx knocking a train car on a neighboring track off the rails. (FOX 5 NY)

A freight train owned by the railroad company CSX derailed in the Oak Point rail yard in the Bronx Wednesday morning and fell over onto adjacent tracks that are used for Amtrak passenger trains. No one was hurt.

SkyFoxHD was overhead at about 10:30 a.m. where eight train cars appeared to have derailed. One of the cars knocked a neighboring car off its tracks.

This derailment suspended Amtrak service for hours between the city and New Rochelle.

Keanu Black, who works in hunts point said it's a miracle no other trains were passing by at the time and that no one got hurt.

Oscar Rodriguez lives near the rail yard. He said he can't believe this happened so soon after last week's fatal train crash in New Jersey.

A CSX spokesperson said no hazardous materials were involved. Eight of the train's 99 cars derailed; seven of those were empty and one was carrying lumber. CSX crews spent the day cleaning debris off the two Amtrak lines that were affected.

According to CSX, only two people were on the freight train: the engineer and the conductor. Neither one got hurt. CSX is continuing the investigation into how exactly this derailment happened. CSX said safety is its top priority. 

One Amtrak line has been cleared of debris and is now back in service. Crews are still working on that second line. No word when service there will be restored.

Partial Amtrak service was restored at about 12:30 p.m. with trains traveling through Hunts Point at restricted speeds. Full service was restored around 9 p.m.