Freak storm buries city in Mexico

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Aerial view of vehicles buried in hail in the streets in the eastern area of Guadalajara, Jalisco state, Mexico, on June 30, 2019.(ULISES RUIZ/AFP/Getty Images)

The city of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco in western Mexico was buried Sunday in a freak storm that brought massive amounts of hail.

The frozen water covered dozens of vehicles and damaged hundreds of homes.

The ice was up to five feet thick in some places, reported the BBC.

Water and hail likely moved down slope, leading to the accumulation. Also, the hail appeared to have melted on contact forming layer upon layer of water and ice. 

The temperature in Jalisco was in the 80s on Sunday.

"Then we ask ourselves if climate change is real. These are never-before-seen natural phenomena," said State governor Enrique Alfaro to AFP news agency.