Freak hailstorm hits MTV awards show red carpet

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Some strange weather for southern California sent people running from the red carpet for the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Hail started pelting the stars and the crowds gathered to get a peak at the arrivals.

Singer Billy Ray Cyrus was in the middle of an interview when the pea-sized hail storm started.

Cyrus said, "I mean, it turns me on, man. I've never seen this - a red carpet in LA and the skies open up with hail. Look! It's on the ground. It's hail. That doesn't happen. It's beautiful, man. It's the power of the moment. Oh! And they're moving it out. I guess that means we've got to go. Nice talking at you, man.''

The hailstorm only lasted about ten minutes but it was long enough to cancel the rest of the red carpet festivities.