Fox 5 Films: Still Here

The Nazis murdered 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. Those who survived had to rebuild their lives. Many of them did so in the United States. More than seven decades later few of them remain.

Recently, New York City-based photographer Brian Marcus -- the grandson of a Holocaust survivor -- set out to take pictures of as many survivors who are still here as possible. The result is a stunning book of portraits that captures the resiliency of their generation. It is called "Still Here." All of the proceeds from the book go towards Holocaust education. 

The men and women who survived the Holocaust witnessed unthinkable evil. This generation is growing older. The size of the group is getting smaller. So Brian decided to capture them in photographs. Brian is known as one of the top wedding photographers in New York City.

Brian's grandpa Fred Marcus was born in Breslau, Germany, in 1910. He grew up as the Nazis rose to power. In 1938, Fred was taken to Buchenwald, the largest concentration camp on German soil. Luckily, he was able to get out. Fred took a ship bound for Cuba and when he got there he fell in love with the art of photography. He later made it to New York City and opened Fred Marcus Photography on the Upper West Side, where his son Andy and Brian still work. Fred passed away in 2001.

To honor his grandpa's memory and his generation, Brian had an idea. He started to take pictures of Holocaust survivors and liberators, one by one, seeing their faces, learning their stories. Soon he had 167 portraits. All of them are featured in a book called "Still Here."