FOX 4 reporter recalls 2013 interview with slain DPD officer

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Patrick Zamarripa, one of the five officers killed in the Dallas ambush attack, was a Navy veteran who survived three tours of duty in Iraq.

He was an officer who lived his job and FOX 4’s Richard Ray happened to know.

Zamarripa was first interviewed by Richard Ray in 2013 during a story about a mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. It was where Zamarripa did annual training as a Navy Reservist.

"The military and civilian police officers that work for that department, they take their jobs very serious,” Zamarripa said in a 2013 interview.

The 32-year-old devoted his life to public service, joining the Navy right out of high school.

When Zamarripa left active duty five years ago, he joined the Dallas police force. His twitter page declared, "Addicted to the thrill of this job. I own the night. I love my Country, Texas, Family, God, Friends, and Sports!”

Rick Zamarripa said his son had just recently become a bike patrol officer in Dallas Central Business District.

"I knew he was there. And when it came out that police officers were shot, I knew something had happened because I texted him right away, and he would respond to me all the time,” Rick said. “He'd say, ‘Dad, I'm ok.’ I'd say, ‘call me.’ He'd say, ‘I'll call you back,’ because I knew he was busy.”

Rick hopes a memorial will be set up for his son and the other slain officers. Now, he says his focus is on taking care of the family his son left behind.