Former NYPD detective Mike Sapraicone takes on Rep. George Santos for Congressional seat

Mike Sapraicone is a retired NYPD detective who founded a security business, now the married father of five who lives in New York’s Third Congressional District is determined to deliver differently from embattled Rep. George Santos who currently holds the seat. 

"I think running a business teaches you how to understand people and work together," he said. 

Sapraicone has already raised well over $500k with plans to run on what he calls an honest ticket to ultimately return integrity and a respected voice in a district that he says desperately needs it.

"I’ve put money in the campaign myself, the majority is friends and family, people I’ve worked and dealt with," he said. 

And while the 67-year-old admits he didn’t graduate college and doesn’t have much political experience - he’s hoping to use his campaign account to raise his profile and convince voters he has the competency others in Washington might not. 


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With the primaries likely scheduled for June, party nominating conventions have to choose their candidate in January or February unless there’s a special election. 

Political analyst Michael Dawidziack says Sapraicone is being smart. 

"I’m doubtful there will be a special election just because we’re getting closer when the calendar would be running normally to fill the seat in the November election," he said. "He’s putting his resume out there as a law enforcement background that plays well for republicans on Long Island with cashless bail, and he’s showing his ability to raise money." 

Santos despite having been abandoned by the Nassau County Republican Party still has plans to seek re-election. Sapraicone calls him a stain on politics.