Florida Keys woman paddleboards with pet chicken

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In Islamorada, you’ll find something you don’t see every day: a paddleboarding chicken.

Standup paddleboarding is a popular activity in the Florida Keys. It's a relaxing water sport and some people even take their dogs with them.

Karly Venezia enjoys paddleboarding -- and likes to bring her pet out on the water with her.  But her pet is a 1-year-old chicken named Loretta.

Venezia says Loretta is very curious and not at all afraid of the water -- defying the suggestion that chickens are chicken.

“Loretta is very curious and follows us around the yard, and living in the Florida Keys, we like to get out on the water so it only seemed natural to us to take Loretta paddle boarding and boating and things that we do with our dogs," Venezia explained.

Chickens are a common sight in the Keys, but paddleboards are not their typical hangout. Loretta is obviously a different kind of chicken.

“Loretta seems to enjoy water-related activities. In addition to paddleboarding, we've taken her out boating for sunsets and she always seems to have a great time," Venezia added.