Flooding cleanup continues in New Jersey

The cleanup continues in New Jersey communities hit by several inches of rain in under an hour.

As much as five inches of rain fell 50 minutes in Little Falls and Woodland Park on Saturday afternoon.

It swelled the Peckman River about five feet.  Cars were sucked into the river from a dealership.  Those vehicles ended up being trapped under bridges which made the flooding worse.

One woman had a basement window burst from the weight of the floodwaters.  She lost everything inside, including a child's play castle.

In other areas the rushing water caused roads to buckle and wash away.

In the town of Bogota, police had to rescue a wedding party that got stranded in floodwaters.  Police posted video the the bride, in her wedding dress, sitting on the top of her car in the middle of a flooded street.

There was more rain on Sunday and Monday in the areas as people tried to clear debris from flooded basements.

The mayor said the flooding is the worst he has seen in decades.

"The storm caused massive amounts of debris, in the form of trees, to be sent down the river which caused a damming effect at both the Francisco Avenue Bridge and the Main Street Bridge," Mayor James Damiano (D) Little Falls said.

Governor James Murphy surveys flood damage in Little Falls on Monday evening.

As the rains continued into Monday, communities close to the Jersey shore were hit hard.  Flooded roads made neighborhoods in Brick impassible.

Neptune Township officials reported flooding and trees down and warned about the threat of more rains on Monday evening with the potential for flash flooding.

The was also the threat of more rain and storms across New Jersey on Tuesday.