Flipping Vans sneakers is latest viral challenge

Another day, another viral challenge.

The #VansChallenge has people putting their kicks to the test.

Apparently, the sneaker always lands right side up on their soles.

While the sneaker company has yet to publicly address if this function is an intentional design, the answer might lie in simple science.

According to Jim Napolitano, a Professor at Temple University and an experimental nuclear physicist, the effect is most likely caused by a heavy rubber sole.

"The top is light," says Jim Napolitano. "It doesn’t take a whole lot for the center of gravity of the sneaker to fall over the pivot point on the edge and the sneaker will just fall over. It wants to do that."

According to the staff at DNA Footwear in Brooklyn, the cool, classic sneaker is easily their best seller and not only has Van's released more platforms sneakers--but the soles on the newer models are heavier.

Either way, this latest challenge can only help the shoe's popularity.