Flats are in style in a big way

If you want to know what's in style, might I suggest you look down? It turns out that putting your best foot forward these days means lowering your look.

Comfort, it seems, is making a comeback, according to fashion stylist and author George Brescia. He says women want to feel comfortable in their shoes. He is seeing a trend: the flat is back in big way and it can be really cool. He recommends pairing your flats with a cropped pant, a sleek top, a beautiful scarf, and coat.

He says this trend toward more so-called gentle soles started with comfort clothing. Consider the popularity of athleisure—when your workout wear turns into your wardrobe.

But before you toss out all your stilettos, remember that styles change and you'll  want to be ready when it's time to rise again.

Brescia says you should always find that thing that works for you and makes you feel confident and beautiful.