Fixing sagging earlobes

Keeping up with the Kardashians these days means keeping up—or rather—picking up your earlobes. As it turns out, the concern raised by family matriarch Kris Jenner that her earlobes are too saggy and thin are actually problems that resonate with real women everywhere.

"I hear earlobe complaints every single day," Dr. Diane Madfes said. The New York-based dermatologist has been listening to women gripe about their earlobes for years.

Let's face it, ladies: as we age the gorgeous earrings that we are so naturally drawn to just don't sit the way they used to. That forces us to ditch the jewelry—and that's no fun—or fix the problem.

"You could do surgery if the lobe is really, really large—but very simple things, a little bit of a hyaluronic acid or filler in and take that hole and make it smaller," Dr. Madfes said. "By injecting at the base of the lobe you can actually lift up the opening and have your earring sit better.

Different problems have different fixes.

The filler Juvaderm will do more than Restylane. But in a matter of one office visit, your problem is solved in the short term. And your favorite jewelry is back sitting against your neck the way you want it to.

It isn't a cheap fix but it is easy.

So what should we do if we can't do the filler?

"A lot of the backings that have a little extra round circle of the plastic… actually will hold them in place more so that distribution of the weight of the earing is spread out," Dr. Madfes said.

These days, designers are also going out of their way to reinforce the backings of dangling earrings in the hopes of saving you from long-term damage.

Trauma is not always preventable. But the earrings sure are pretty.