Five Beagles get their taste of freedom thanks to the 'Beagle Freedom Project'

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Imagine spending your entire life in a cage, and finally being allowed to put your foot on the grass. That’s exactly what happened to a handful of floppy eared beagles in Sherman Oaks, where the 'Beagle Freedom Project' 'released the animals to be united with their adoptive families.  

You can see them carefully stepping out, even greeting one another. They are shy and weary, but still loving, which is exactly why they were targeted by researchers.

Believe it or not, “there are nearly 70 thousand dogs in US labs right now, and 96% of them are beagles” explains Shannon Keith, President and Founder of BFP, adding that they “are the breed of choice because they are so gentle, docile and forgiving." Aside from rescuing hundreds of dogs so far, the organization has pushed the passing of the Beagle Freedom Bill in four states. The measure, also called the Research Animal Retirement Act, requires state-funded research facilities to make the dogs and cats used for testing available for adoption.

BFP negotiates with the laboratories for the release of the beagles after their “testing life” for medical or cosmetic research.  This year, the organization will launch its scientific grant, gifting $250 thousand dollars to researchers who develop alternative experiments that eliminate the need to test on animals. 

The organization has also launched the  “Cruelty-Cutter” app. The user can scan an item they are buying and have an immediate response as to its animal testing status.

You can find out more by going to the Beagle Freedom Project.  For now, you can enjoy the images of the five beagles that today stepped out of holding crates into a brand new life.

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