Fire truck slams into Long Island building, causing collapse

A fire truck crashed into a building, causing a partial collapse, in Oceanside on Long Island Friday.

Police say the fire engine was heading northbound, responding to a call on the other side of Sunrise Highway when the accident occurred.

Surveillance video released by authorities shows a white SUV heading north, attempting to make a left turn just as the fire truck approaches it from behind.

The fire truck attempts to avoid the SUV, but cannot, slamming into the car and smashing into the store. 

SkyFOX video shows the front of the truck completely jammed into the building and another vehicle. Debris was scattered throughout the sidewalk and street.

Three firefighters who were in the truck, and three civilians all suffered minor injuries in the crash.

It took the fire department two hours to remove the engine from the building.

The buildings department is now determining the fate of the building, which had been the site of Masters of Furniture, a furniture store that had been in the neighborhood for over 40 years.