Finding Faith: Year of Mercy | Cardinal Dolan

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Cardinal Timothy Dolan is speaking out about a critical year for the Catholic Church, the so-called Year of Mercy.

Under the steeples of St. Patrick's Cathedral opens a door of mercy. A symbol holding a serious message -- one coming straight from the pope: 2016 is the Year of Mercy.

One of the most powerful religious leaders in New York City, Cardinal Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, sat down with me at his residence to talk about sin and second chances.

Pope Francis grew up Jorge Mario Bergoglio just outside Buenos Aires. Biographers say he discovered his vocation to the priesthood after going to confession as a boy when a priest took mercy on him.

New Yorkers met the popular pontiff during his East Coast visit in September. Showing his signature spontaneity jumping from the pope mobile shaking a hand or kissing baby, the pope's obvious compassion for the poor charmed admiring crowds. Cardinal Dolan helped host the pope during his visit.

Cardinal Dolan says the pope wants so-called lapsed Catholics to consider giving the church another chance. The cardinal says this year of mercy is the perfect time to ask for forgiveness and then let it go. He doesn't believe people should wallow in guilt.

And it's a message that resonates for non-Catholics as well.