Filing airport noise complaints instantly

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People who live near airports can now report airplane noise to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey within seconds with the click of a button.

California-based software engineer Chris McCann developed a technology called Airnoise last year. It is already making life a lot easier for residents on Long Island. 

"It figures out which airplane, which model airplane, which tail number, which airline it is, where it's going to or coming from," McCann said. "Between LaGuardia and JFK, we've got about a hundred people using the system. And there've been almost 80,000 complaints filed against JFK. We're up to 1,800 a week—250 to 300 an hour." 

Elaine Miller, a co-founder of Plane Sense 4 Long Island, used to collect data in a notebook and submit each complaint one by one online. Now with her subscription—$24 for the device itself plus $5 a month for unlimited complaints—Airnoise electronically submits her reports in seconds. 

"I can get up to 300 planes in a day, and the fly at very low altitudes," Miller said. "There's no rest, there's no peace."

What's to blame? Advocacy groups say it's the narrower flight path in and out of JFK and LaGuardia airports. They've reached out to and met with local officials and say it's been going on six years too many. 

It got so bad Plane Sense co-founder Jana Goldenberg moved from Roslyn to Jericho to get away from the noise. 

"We lose sleep, we hear it, we cannot barbecue, we cannot stand outside. It destroyed our lives and everybody else's life here in Nassau County," Goldenberg said. "We're asking them to raise the altitudes, we're asking for equitable distribution—that the same communities are not being hit over and over again." 

Airnoise is in 18 airports across 12 states.

We reached out to both the Port Authority and FAA and we're waiting to hear back.