Fetty Wap gives back to hometown of Paterson

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It's been an incredible year for rapper Fetty Wap. He came out of nowhere to become one of hip hop's hottest stars. This Thanksgiving, he is back in Paterson, New Jersey, doing his part to give back to his hometown.  

Earlier this week, he was spotted throwing money off a balcony at the Garden State Plaza Mall -- and he's not done yet.

One of the things his fans love about Fetty Wap is that with all his record-breaking success, he is still humble and hasn't forgotten where he came from -- Paterson's tough 4th Ward.

We were the only camera allowed inside his very private thank you to the community that looked out for him when he was coming up.

Paterson residents lined up to receive free Thanksgiving turkeys from Fetty Wap and his RGF Management team. Fetty along with volunteers from his record label and the community partnered with City Council Member Ruby Cotton to get the word out. They were able to distribute more than 250 turkeys to make this a happy Thanksgiving for the families.

Fetty told me he remembers being so poor that he had to plate-hop to get a decent meal.