FDNY Calendar of Heroes

Just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter in New York City, the FDNY has launched their 2016 Calendar of Heroes.

"The FDNY calendar is the official calendar for the New York City Fire Department that raises money to help promote fire and life safety," says Jean O'Shea, executive director of FDNY Foundation.

A sizzling hot search was conducted through fire departments in all five boroughs. Once the smoke cleared, thirteen firefighters were selected to help keep your fire burning all year long.

The Hard Rock Cafe was the hot zone today as firefighters signed calendars for those brave enough to approach the smoldering line of fire. And outside, cover boy Jamah Figaro showed off his apparatus.

"This is 150 truck right here. It's to symbolize the 150th anniversary. 150 years of faithful service of FDNY to the city of New York," Figaro says.

And the FDNY Foundation keeps things steamy and smart with life saving tips.

"Every month there is a safety message, anything from CPR, to making sure you have batteries in your smoke alarm, to winter safety, and things of that nature," Figaro says.

And these men are no strangers to extreme heat. Hot temperatures are spreading across New York City. While that's not unfamiliar to New York's bravest, they have their own ways of beating the heat.

"A good clean diet makes a big difference on your whole body chemistry," says James White Jr., "Mr. January."

"Spend as much time inside the air conditioning as possible," says Jeffrey Silverman, "Mr. November."

"I either go with a tank top or cut off t-shirt or shirtless with my bunker gear," says Jose Cordero, "Mr. July."

"There's really not much you can do," says William Moore, "Mr. December." I didn't wear any underwear, that's one less layer."

Someone bring me a hose!

Trigger your alarm by ordering a calendar at fdnyshop.com.