FDNY brings Santa Claus to visit sick kids in Queens

For so many of the children at St. Mary's Hospital in Queens, life is a never-ending cycle of sadness and pain. But on this Friday, they had reason to celebrate.

Dozens of FDNY firefighters, Mr. Met and, most importantly, Santa Claus made a grand entrance at the hospital in Bayside Friday afternoon. They came to visit young patients who suffer from cancer, genetic diseases, and trauma. Most of them are nonverbal and some are terminally ill.

Teddy, 6, from Astoria, has no connection to anyone here but felt compelled to come and donate gifts.

"They're sad so I want to give them toys for Christmas," Teddy said.

Firefighter Peter Hidalgo said nothing is more special than spending the holiday with these little heroes.

"How can you be sad when you see them smile and so happy?" Hidalgo said. "It just benefits the community and we're happy to help."

St. Mary's and the FDNY have been working together to create these special holiday visits for more than a decade now. About a hundred children will spend Christmas inside the hospital, but they now have some new memories and a few extra toys to make the holiday just a little bit brighter.