Fans flock to 'The Watcher' house in New Jersey, frustrating neighbors

Residents living in a quaint New Jersey town say they're getting fed up with the spotlight after the premier of the new Netflix hit, "The Watcher."

The series tells the story of a bizarre, unsolved mystery that unfolded in Westfield, New Jersey, back in 2014 when a young family moved into a home at 657 Boulevard and began getting disturbing and anonymous letters, talking about the house needing "young blood" and signed by a person calling themselves "The Watcher."

Netflix says the show is a fictionalized version of real events, but locals say the show's popularity has become a very real problem. 

Fans are flocking to the neighborhood to see the house for themselves, FOX 5 NY's Christine Russo reported. Police are stationed outside the home and barricade the driveway to prevent trespassers, reported.

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Neighbors say the Netflix story is a total fabrication, and have even taken to trolling curious visitors, shouting things like "go home" out of their car windows. 

A new family move into the home in 2019 and the threatening letters reportedly stopped coming. 

The police department never found out who was behind the letters and the case remains unsolved.