Famous McSorley's bar closed by health inspectors

One of New York's oldest and most famous bars was ordered closed by the city due to health code violations.

McSorely's Old Ale House was closed on Wednesday after an inspection found evidence of rat activity, food held at the wrong temperature, and conditions conducive to vermin and pest activity.

The owner's son-in-law, Gregory Delahaba says they are in the process of putting new gas lines into the building and walls, floor and concrete have been opened, giving vermin access to the building.

The owner says it's the first time the bar, which survived prohibition, has been closed since 1854.

The city says that once the problems are solved, the bar can request a reopening inspection.

McSorley's is located at 15 E. 7th St. in the East Village.  It got its start as an Irish working man's saloon and was the last of the "Men Only" pubs in the city.  It didn't admit women until it was forced to in 1970.  Some of its famous patrons include Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Hunter S. Thompson.