Faking 'before' and 'after' photos

To be in shape to get those shapely body parts can take a lot of work at the gym before and after photos show just how far you've come. Or do they? 

On the fitlogyway.com, British blogger and trainer Sophie Kay proved her point by taking pictures of herself. She looks thinner in the "after" pic. Yet they were taken only minutes apart.

Her tips: chose clothes that fit properly, adjust the lighting, play around with the photo in Instagram, smile, do your hair, put on make-up, and pose properly.

As for apps to make you look thinner, the list is endless. Some make your arms look thinner.

Some trainers at New York Sports Club on the Upper East Side want the opposite effect when it comes to their arms. But no apps are necessary

Using an app to make you look better does save time, but folks told us that is cheating and isn't natural. But some don't care to be natural because they'd rather look good online than in real life.