Fake Craigslist ad prompts people to loot property

GREENE, Maine (AP) — Come one, come all, but actually, everything isn't free.

The Sun Journal reports a recent bogus Craigslist ad promised free items up for grabs at a Greene, Maine property whose owner is away in Florida.

Property owner George Stanley says he reported the scam to Maine State Police and had the ad taken down. Police didn't immediately respond to request for comment Friday.

Stanley says he's "wiped out." For 11 years, he's worked on the Route 202 building which is surrounded by a jumble of free-floating items.

Neighbors told the newspaper that individuals have been showing up at all hours to grab all they could despite "no trespassing" signs.

Stanley says he's lost bushes, new generators and at least $1,000 worth of solar lights. It's unclear who posted the ad.