Facebook and drug addiction have a lot in common

Feel like you're addicted to Facebook? A new study shows you may be right!
Fox News enlisted the help of Dr. Tara Emrani, a psychologist at NYU Langone Health to break down the similarities between drug addiction and Facebook addiction.

"'Facebook likes and comments activate similar parts of the brain as opioids, where each 'Like' or positive comment activates the reward system and the brain releases dopamine.' She noted similar sensations occur when someone eats food they enjoy, have sex or use other substances, including cocaine."

While it's no secret that long-term effects of drug use are plentiful, the long-term effects of Facebook are unclear.

"Dr. Emrani said that there is 'no conclusive evidence for a long-term cause for concern from the use of Facebook' according to the studies that have been done so far."

It still may be a good idea to stop checking how many likes your holiday vacation photos got in the last hour...