Eyelash, eyebrow tinting is now illegal in New York State

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Eyelash, eyebrow tinting is illegal in NY

People have been tinting their eyebrows and eyelashes to make them look more voluptuous for years, but the popular procedure is actually illegal in New York. You might not know that because countless stores and licensed estheticians offer the service. FOX 5 New York's Lissette Nunez looks at why the state is suddenly enforcing a law that has been on the books for nearly 30 years.

If you're looking to make an eyelash or eyebrow tint appointment you may be turned away.

A Nordstrom representative told FOX 5 over the phone, "We no long do tints anymore. It's suspended for the time being."

The popular service is actually prohibited in New York State. It's a rule that has been in the books since 1994 says the NY Department of State.

This came as a surprise to many New Yorkers. Including to Lana Bargraser, the owner of Allure Day Spa and Hair Design in Midtown, who's been offering this service for 35 years.

According to the New York's Department of State applying any dye to eyelash or eyebrows is prohibited. The rule was based on FDA regulations during the 90s that did not provide for a safe dye or tint to be used on lashes or brows. Locations found offering these services can be fined a maximum of $500,

However, there is some good news for New York salons. The department is reviewing its policies. 

The FDA recently changed its regulations to allow for the safe use of an ingredient called silver nitrate as a color additive for the professional dyeing of lashes and brows. 

This means salons could eventually be able to offer this service legally. 

Bargraser says pulling eyebrow and lash tints of her list of services thankfully won’t hurt her business significantly because her spa offers so many other services, however for smaller locations that solely rely on providing these services could be put out of business.