Eyeglasses that really pop with Khandie Woo | Black Entrepreneurs

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and accessories designer Lysandra Perez Brown wants to help you outfit them with some pretty fancy shutters.

"I call it artwork," Perez Brown told FOX 5 NY. "Each piece is one of a kind and you have to put your heart and soul into everything you do."

Her eyewear line "Khandie Woo" is seriously eye-catching.  These are frames that inspire stares and even questions, not exactly the glasses you’d reach for when you're looking to "blend in".

"The line is lensless, and it's an artistic statement so that we can keep our vision framed in culture, no filter, no shades," Perez Brown said.

To say that the frames "pop" is an understatement, with their own unique shapes and colors.  

And Khandie Woo isn't just eyeglasses. There are also earrings that give you a lot of look but are lightweight, along with colorful bracelets and necklaces made from beads, glass, metal, and clay.

And the prices? Affordable. Accessories range from $5-25 and eyewear from $40-$100 and if you want a custom made piece.

"We'll talk about what your outfit is, the colors, the fabric. Also what the occasion is, what effect do you want to have when you step in that room," Brown said.

Lysandra credits the black lives matter movement with energizing people of color to become their own boss.

"I know so many more people have gone and gotten their business licenses," Perez Brown said. "They're taking that step in order to become a boss, in order to be able to create an entity that they can leave something for their families."

Lysandra who's gone from being a stylish dreamer to an entrepreneur has lots of advice for anyone looking to get in the game. Do your research, don't take "No" for an answer and...

"Always create change within yourself, because the world never stays the same, so you shouldn't," Perez Brown said.

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