Experiencing movies in 4D

After successful runs in Japan and Hollywood, 4D has finally arrived in New York at the Regal Union Square Stadium 14.

A night at the movies just got a lot more immersive. Seats are equipped with 4DX technology designed to enhance your movie-going experience. So here is how it works. The seats jolt forward and backward, pulsing and vibrating designed to reflect the action that is on screen. There are also scent effects but I didn't smell anything in the preview.

I got my first 4D experience watching the first 15 minutes of "Batman v Superman."

The cost: 4DX comes with an $8 up-charge on top of what you're paying for a regular 3D ticket, so that could put your total at around $30.

Upcoming films that have been announced in 4DX are "The Jungle Book" and "Captain America: Civil War."