Expedia unveils 2024 Air Travel Hacks

Fulfilling the urge to get away to that stress-free vacation can be quite stressful itself. 

New research from Expedia found that more than half of Americans find planning a trip more stressful than filing taxes or dentist visits.

As a remedy, Expedia has released its 2024 Air Travel Hacks report. 

"Many of us know it was a very stressful travel season, the summer was, and now people can save money as we prepare for the holidays, there are some hacks," said Tomeka Jones, a travel journalist. 

The report revealed Americans who plan ahead traveling within the U.S. could save nearly 24 percent if they book 28 days before their departure date compared to those who book last minute.


Book your Thanksgiving, Christmas flights by this date to save money: economist

Prices for domestic trips over Thanksgiving, Christmas are down 14%, 12%, respectively.

For International flights, that target is around 60 days in advance, about 4 months shorter notice than last year’s sweet spot for savings.

Those looking to book earlier can save even more by booking on Sundays. It’s still the cheapest day of the week to book flights, while Fridays on the other hand tend to cost the most. 

If you’re already stressed out about potential delays, fly before 3 p.m. since you’ll have 50 percent less of a chance of experiencing delays.

According to Expedia's research, you have about a month to catch that sweet spot of savings. And if you're planning that Christmas trip you have roughly two months.