Exclusive peek inside Brooklyn's Dock 72

An office space under construction in the heart of the Brooklyn naval yard is defying all expectations.

The developer, Bill Rudin, describes 'Dock 72' as the home of 21st century manufacturing in the digital age.

"The companies we're talking to want their employees to work hard but enjoy themselves," said Rudin.

The 675,000- square foot building was designed to integrate a state-of-the-art modern office infrastructure with unique designs.

The narrow building with a long lobby has views of docked ships and features works of art by local artists.

"We had our architects really think about the nautical impact going on all around us," said Rudin.

The building offers 14-foot ceilings with 8 feet of 'vision' glass, highlighting the unobstructed views of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

"You can get your coffee, sit on the steps and look out at the boats," said Rudin.

For more information, visit Dock72.com.