Erika Miranda-Alvarez charged with capital murder in woman's stabbing death

In probable cause court on Thursday night, a judge officially charged Erika Jisela Miranda-Alvarez with capital murder.

A prosecutor read police statements that said what they believe had happened. When Miranda-Alvarez was questioned, she admitted to kidnapping the victim's six-week-old daughter Shamali Flores.

The prosecutor also said Miranda-Alvarez admitted to detectives that she had taken three medical wristbands belonging to Carolina Flores and her baby, as well as the victim's cell phone, but denied killing the victim. Police found a pair of scissors near the victim's body but say it was unclear as to whether or not that was the murder weapon.

Carolina was found dead in her apartment from multiple stab wounds to her neck and head on Tuesday. Police had been searching for six-week-old Shamali until they confirmed on Thursday that she was found in safe condition.

Police also say Miranda-Alvarez had recently suffered a miscarriage and that they believe that was her reason for kidnapping the baby.

Miranda-Alvarez was not granted bond and is scheduled to appear in court next on Dec. 27.