Epic gridlock at LaGuardia Airport

An epic traffic gridlock mess at LaGuardia Airport in Queens Thursday evening forced travelers to take extreme measures.

The horrendous traffic in and out of the airport forced many travelers to ditch cabs and walk on the side of and cross busy road.

People had to drag their luggage across the overpass above Grand Central Parkway to rush and catch their flights.

The Port Authority says it was a trifecta that caused the problems. LaGuardia is at the peak of construction work,  this time of year is the peak of summer travel, and 300 flights were canceled Wednesday because of bad weather, so the airport was already busier than normal on Thursday. 
LaGuardia says it was the airport's 2nd busiest day in its 80-year history.

"We understand how frustrating this traffic can be, and please know that we are doing all that we can to ensure passengers can get to and from the airport as expeditiously as possible. Thank you for your patience," LGA wrote in a tweet. 

The airport warns that more traffic changes are on the way over the weekend.  On Saturday, August 10, Grand Central Parkway westbound exits 6 & 7 will be relocated.  For Terminal B access travelers will need to use the new GCP westbound exit 7.  For Terminal C/D access travelers are being told to use GCP exit 6.