Entrepreneur who began pressing juice for mom's health turned it into a business

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Ron Montgomery, better known as "Six," had never pressed juice a day in his life.

"I didn't know what I was doing, so I just threw everything in the juicer not knowing you should peel this stuff," he said.

But after his mom, Willie-Mae, was diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer and type-2 diabetes, he was determined to get it right. Ron started the company Six Juice when she was in remission to give her strength and nutrients on the road.

"He would say to me, 'Ma, drink it, Ma,'" she said.

Six uses locally sourced fruits and veggies when possible and doesn't add any sugars or preservatives. As one of the only African American-owned juiceries on Long Island, he said part of his mission is to help young minorities and women while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

"I want to show in our communities we can do more than they tell us. We can be creators, dreamers, entrepreneurs," he said. "It just takes hard work and hustle." 

The Six Juice Company produces up to 5,000 bottles a month. They are sold online and at farmer's markets. And Ron will open a pop-up shop in the South Shore Mall in May.

"It's the best juice you'll have in your life. Hands down, I stand by that," Ron said. "And I'm 6-10, so that's a lot of standing."