Electrocuted squirrel removed days after first photos shared

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) -- An electrocuted squirrel hanging from a power line has been removed more than a week after an upstate New York man began posting daily pictures on social media.

Chet Seidel of Syracuse says he reached his limit after the rodent was still hanging in front of his home three days after it died biting a utility wire.

Seidel began to post daily photos and videos of the squirrel, with humorous commentary.

A neighbor joined in, posting a video and naming the rodent "Freddie" after the 1972 Curtis Mayfield song, "Freddie's Dead."

Syracuse Post-Standard reports Seidel called National Grid to remove it.

The utility initially said it only responds when squirrels cause a power outage. But the utility removed the squirrel Monday, saying it didn't want neighbors trying to dislodge it.